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What our clients are saying about us

Working with Mere:

“Your coaching is so much more than anyone can imagine! It’s not about weight loss, or maybe it is if needed, i wish I could put in words what the last 15-16 months has been like working with you! It’s laughter, applause, happy dances, and tears! It’s professionalism, its’ personal , it’s kindness and having someone who truly cares. Holistically.”

“What I would encourage for anyone that is going through gut and fatigue issues would be to get a coach. For the past 6 years I have been struggling with my energy with workouts and some gut issues. I have been to multiple doctors and Natural Path doctors. But I was not able to get to the root cause or have the full support I needed to navigate. When I signed up with Meredith she was able to get to the root cause of my issues and then give me support every step of the way. She helped give me tools and advice to navigate each stage of my healing so it was not so overwhelming. Also she helped me continue to progress with my body composition along the way. I wish I was able to find her 6 yrs ago. For anyone going through gut issues I would say to take one day at a time.”



“I look forward to listen to you every week and your enthusiasm love it and you're feedback (nutrition, training, life style habits) are so helpful and spot on - when I apply them it's like wow this is way better or ah! this is how it's supposed to feel!!! You are truly gifted at helping people - you transform our health this is huge 💗 I'm amazed of how much knowledge you have and the best is you sharing it with others. When I reached out to you I was ready to commit and I have learned a lot and continue to learn and improve under your guidance / teaching. You're the BEST!!! Also I have learned to get better, more confident at getting out of my comfort zone, thanks again to you 😁 “



“YOU ARE ALREADY THE BEST & I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!! In 1 year you have helped me turn my hormones around... I used to be ON FIRE temperature-wise, now I am "normal" (I don't wear tank tops outside in Canada in winter anymore!) You have improved the quality & appearance of my skin - damn Girl, You are like the foundation of youth, my skin looks like a 30 year old, not like a 50 year old!! You have helped me, decrease inflammation & histamine. + more!! BUT the home run was helping me get a diagnosis of colitis. Without your encouragement, I would not have pushed my doctor (who was kind of brushing me off) to order colonoscopy. The best was when you reminded me that we want all of our blood to stay inside our body!! Words to live by, blood stays inside the body!! :)”



Working with Sara:

“I had been doing my own thing for awhile, but was wanting to reverse, which was something I had never done before. Sarah was exactly the coach that I needed. First thing we did was discuss longer term goals, and knowing I wanted to be able to work on my own again in the next year or so, she helped me learn things that I would need to understand and master as I set out on my own again. She provided the objectivity I needed to hear, and taught me the tools I needed to feel confident in the gym and especially when it came to food. Never have I ever had so little anxiety about being around food, knowing that I have the skills to not lose sight of my goals but to also enjoy the time with family or friends. She also helped me see beyond the scale, and was my cheerleader especially on the weeks where I felt I hadn't made any progress. I always walked away from check-ins feeling empowered! 10/10 would recommend working with Sarah no matter what your goals are!”



“I have learned so much and am loving the changes in my body. I feel confident that I can be on maintenance on my own because of my experience with Sarah. After trying, unsuccessfully, for years to get results, it's so amazing to see the path more clearly and see the results I have been wanting. I love how I'm looking and how I'm feeling and I can't thank Sarah enough.”


L. B.

“I appreciate you also reiterating how much we've worked on and improved my habits since the beginning and although it might be slightly unnerving at first without you, I think it'd be impossible for me not to take away what i've learned so I definitely feel more confident even though I will certainly miss working with you each week

(for now!)


Thank you again for everything; you've helped me to get my life back, get my habits back on track, improve my strength and body composition, and also gave me the tools and confidence in those tools to be able to stay accountable to myself.”



“I was chatting with a friend today about mod and the changes over time. The subject of birth control came up and how just from being off my mood has really improved. I thought the existential mood swings I had were normal “for me” . I honestly thought that’s just what I had to expect for the rest of my life, to always feel too much . Same with the libido, from non-existent to feeling human is huge. So it’s the little things like that, that are actually pretty big. I came to you to help me change my body, I didn’t expect all this. I’m glad we’re getting the fundamentals down”

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