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About Fortify Health Coaching

Rewriting the Narrative 

Welcome to Fortify Health Coaching! We specialize in helping you to unlock your true potential, optimize your health, build your best physique and develop strong mental fortitude to take on all your ambitions- fitness related and beyond. 

We pride ourselves in taking an evidence based, compassionate approach blending functional health and nutrition with the best available evidence in exercise science, always considering your unique needs as an individual. 


We guide everyone from those seeking a sustainable, healthy lifestyle to competitors and those who live a competition lifestyle. We teach our clients how to make the best decisions for them, and understand the why behind any nutrition, training and lifestyle adjustments to bring about lasting change. If your goal is to learn, you’re in the right place!  

We're not about quick fixes or fads –  we are about passionate coaching that is backed by our educational and anecdotal experience that brings lasting results. 

Meet the Team


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Meredith Paci, is a health coach with a diverse background. Her journey began as a dancer, honing discipline, a love for the body and its strength, power and complexity.  This foundation led to a career in dental hygiene where she began to recognize major gaps in her own health knowledge, the knowledge she saw being shared, and the lack of encompassing support available in the healthcare space. All igniting a thirst for deeper knowledge and to help others on their journey

Meredith's foundation for her career as a Health Coach was established through her Bachelor's Degree, Associates in Health Science, and Dental Hygiene. However, it was her personal experiences that truly cemented her journey.

These have included battling with body dysmorphia and disordered eating, all in perpetual strife to become the smallest version of herself at a major cost to her overall health. She has   battled   hormonal   and  gynecological   issues such as ruptured cysts, ovarian torsions and multiple surgeries that led to premature surgical-induced menopause. It was during this time she began slowly making the link with how the nervous system and overall health is deeply connected. This journey fueled her commitment to empowering women in strength and health. 


In 2019, Meredith pursued her dream of becoming a full-time Health Coach leaving her career as a Dental Hygienist 2020. Soon after she joined Team ScoobyHealth, formally Soobyprep. Meredith believes in continued learning to which she has completed numerous courses on subjects covering but not limited to digestive health, thyroid health, adrenal health, fertility and various other female health specific training. Meredith has been personally mentored by Austin Stout, Jason Theobald, Paul Oneid, Dasha Agoulnik RD. Most recently becoming a Certified Midlife Specialist after completing a 6 month mentorship with Kristen Johnson JD, FNTP, BCHN and Maria Claps FDN.


Meredith’s competitive spirit, dance discipline, continued education and deep understanding of health struggles have shaped Meredith into the coach and mentor she is today. She is not only here to facilitate transformation but to empower individuals to take control of their health journeys, helping them rewrite their stories and create healthier, happier lives.


The future unfolds with limitless possibilities, and Meredith is enthusiastic about leading others on a path of transformation and empowerment. Together, they'll navigate the complexities of health, rewrite their stories, and create healthier, happier lives.


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Passionate about an evidence based approach, Sarah Bishop earned a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Florida after obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences. Fitness and athletics were a cornerstone of her upbringing, Sarah’s coaching philosophy and personalized approach is deeply shaped by her own health journey. Her goal for clients doesn't stop at improving health and fitness, it extends to enhancing the overall quality of life and instilling bold self-confidence.

Always active growing up, Sarah battled a life-threatening eating disorder throughout her teens and early 20s. Along the path to recovery, she learned to see nutrition and training from a lens of supporting the body.


Focusing on building strength to sustain healthy performance and progressions, instead of trying to “shrink” the body was a profound shift. Sarah found empowerment in what her body could do, not just what it looked like, and that shaped her mission to guide others to do the same. 

This calling sent Sarah on the path to become a Coach, pursuing higher education and immersing herself in relevant research in graduate school. She is a co-author on several papers pertaining to physique enhancement. She has worked full time as Coach since 2019 and outside of formal schooling, she continues to invest in tools and new resources, maintaining the highest standard in Coaching to support to her clients in all areas. 


Whether your goals are physique related or more wellness based, Sarah believes in the importance of maintaining health and performance along the way. By pairing positive changes with a growth minded outlook, she will help you elevate your lifestyle.


What would next steps with Sarah look like? Onboarding always begins with a thorough evaluation of each client - crafting tailored plans that optimize nutrition, training, and lifestyle based on unique needs and objectives. Sarah embraces a diverse group of clientele who are all united by common goals to refine their health, enhance their physique, or elevate their athletic performance.


Sarah views the body and mind as a tightly woven fabric of wellness. Each choice—be it in nutrition, training, beliefs, or recovery—is thoughtfully made. She truly lives and breathes this lifestyle and eagerly invites others to share in this zeal, ready to be a guiding light on a transformative journey.

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