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Terms of Service

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  • 3-month minimum coaching commitment on month to month coaching

  • On-boarding Consultation is mandatory upon or prior to registration

  • Initial plan will be sent to you within 5-7 business days after initial call, completion of appropriate documentation and payment.

  • 1 subscription pause is allowed, up to 60 days. This is effective after the initial 3-month commitment has been completed

    • Additional pauses at the discretion of the Coach 

    • Any Pause of coaching Must be discussed with your coach 72 hours PRIOR to payment processing, no back dating. 

  • Recommendations outside of a formally established consultation or coaching relationship will not be provided



  • Business Days: Monday - Friday

  • 48 hour business day turnaround for message communication.

    • LATE check-ins are not guaranteed on time response, see check in section.

  • All Messaging to be done via email (outside of training videos sent via WhatsApp) 

  • Social media platforms (IG, FB, Threads, etc) are not an accepted means of urgent communication, communication about your check in, lab work, or coaching


Lab Work Communication 

  • 5-7 Business Day turnaround for review

    • Review may be done via email, loom or the coach may set up a phone/zoom call 

    • This zoom/call may not be within 5-7 business days

  • All Lab Work to be sent via email attachment once ALL markers have returned

    • DO NOT send partial labs or labs over multiple emails

  • The Following will NOT be accepted: 

    • Private portal invitations 

    • Username or Password information to log into your private medical portal 

    • Labs sent via Social Media 

    • Screenshots


Nutrition and Training Check-Ins

  • Check-ins are the Clients responsibility

  • Check-in Reviews sent by your coach are to be read and/or viewed (Loom) within 24 hours . The sooner the better! Your coach is providing you feedback that may require discussion as well this is feedback for you to begin to work on for the upcoming week. 

  • Check-Ins are due LATEST 11:59PM EST on your Assigned check-in SUBMISSION DAY.

    • Check-ins will be replied to the following day by 8pm EST.

    • LATE check-ins will be responded to at the Coach’s availability

    • LATE check-ins may be asked to be deferred to the following week at the discretion of your coach

    • LATE or MISSED check ins: please send your coach a message communicating with her so she can guide you. She is here to help! 

  • Training Videos and Programs: 

    • Submit training videos via WhatsApp Only (no other platform accepted at this time) 

    • Submit training videos at any time of day

    • We Suggest to Submit your videos immediately after you train 

    • Training programs are not changed weekly. They are changed based on the clients training needs, goals & progressions

    • Training Video Response Time: 48 hours not including Saturday/Sunday

Consultations and Consultation Subscriptions

  • Consultation calls will be scheduled and appropriate documentation will be sent after payment has been received

  • A written protocol, follow up instructions and any resources will be sent within 5-7 business days after the consultation call

  • If purchasing a consultation package or consultation follow up package: Use of the package expires 6 months from the date of purchase. There are no extensions or refunds.

  • Training programming and training video reviews are not included as a part of consultation services. 1 x Training plan may be purchased separately.

  • Email Communication Subscription 

    • 48 business hour response time (not including Saturday/Sunday) for emails sent

    • Includes a monthly check-in questionnaire to collect feedback, to which your coach will reply with an email check in within 72 hours. An automated reminder will be provided on your check in day.

    • At the coach’s discretion, a paid consultation call may be recommended instead of an email reply depending on the level of support needed. 

    • Any major modification to the plan will require the use of a consultation call. This is NOT a 1 on 1 coaching intervention. 

    • Email communication subscription is only available for those who have done an initial consultation with a Fortify Health Coach, or a client graduating from 1on1 coaching.



  • Group Mentorships

    • Video Meetings will be held twice monthly; Calls will last approximately one hour

    • Includes an email check-in 24 hours prior to each video call 

  • Lab Work Orders and Discounted Supplements: 

    • As part of the program, we can facilitate the ordering of discounted lab work orders (serum and speciality testing- GI maps, DUTCH etc.) and discounted supplements through Fullscript to further support your clients' health while a part of the program.

  • Discounted 1 on 1 Consultations: 

    • Should you need more personalized guidance either for your clients or yourself, you can purchase a 1 on 1 Consultation call with Meredith or Sarah at 20% off our normal rates while a part of the program.


Subscription, Cancellation and Payments 

  • Subscription payments will be charged automatically monthly or at 6 month intervals starting from the Initial order date

  • All Coaching Subscriptions will auto renew automatically unless written notification has been sent to coach 72 hours prior to payment

  • 72-hour notice Required Prior to payment date for Cancellation. 

    • Once payment is processed there are No Refunds 

    • It is your responsibility to notify your Coach regarding pause or cancellation 72 hours PRIOR to payment processing

    • Payments will continue unless your coach is notified.

  • In the event the Client terminates Coaching: The Coaches of Fortify Health are under no obligation to return payments made by Client that may be considered unused.

  • In the event a Coach with Fortify Health terminates coaching: The coach will refund the Client all payments made for unused portions of the online training services. 

  • If a payment does not go through, your coach will make contact within 24 hours, and a resolution must be achieved within 72 hours to the best of our abilities.

  • Any coaching agreement/subscription may be terminated or discontinued at any time by the coach

  • If service pricing is subject to change, you will be given at least 60 days notice.

  • If purchasing a consultation package or consultation follow up package: Use of the package expires 6 months from the date of purchase. There are no extensions or refunds.


  • All information shared with your coach is considered confidential and our best efforts will be made to prevent data breach or loss.

  • Social Media/Media/Website: 

    • Anonymity Will Always be honored 

    • Written Testimonials, Struggle or “Win” may be shared on social media , however your anonymity will Always be kept. 

    • Photo or Video Shares:  Your Coach will always ask permission to share any photo or media. If you do not want any photos or media shared that’s not a problem and your request will be honored


  • Your coach is permitted 1 week of Partial vacation per quarter.

    • During this time, please allow extended time for non urgent communication. 

    • No video calls will be available during this time.

    • Training Video reviews will not be completed at this time. 

    • Nutrition check-ins may be completed in an abbreviated fashion.

    • Lab work will not be reviewed during this time. Once your coach has returned the existing 5-7 business day turnaround time from return point stands.

  • 2 weeks per year, your coach is entitled to Full vacation where communication is not available. 

  • Major holidays including(subject to change): Easter, Thanksgiving Day (US/Canadian), Christmas Eve/Day, Boxing Day (Dec 26th), New Year’s Eve/Day, Memorial Day, Canada Day (July 1st) and Independence Day (July 4th), all communication will be deferred to the next business day.

    • Your Coach will communicate with clients any Details regarding check-in’s, office hours and/or communication during these times

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