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Time-Efficient Cooking Tips for Busy Lives

Ever wish you had a personal shopper? Or perhaps you’re already on the Instacart train and it’s a personal chef that would make hitting your nutrition goals so much easier?  While we can’t provide the chef, we can provide you with some insight on how to not let the excuse of “Cooking takes too long” keep you from reaching your nutrition goals and achieving your fitness and health aspirations.

Frozen Section

Do not pass this section of the grocery store up if you’re looking to save time in the kitchen! Buy frozen veggies to add to meals or for easy meal prep (often cheaper than fresh too!), frozen rice, potatoes, butternut squash are some carbs to look for in your frozen section for simple healthy carb options that steam in seconds in the microwave, or throw in the air fryer. Frozen cooked shrimp is another staple that defrosts easily and you can pair with rice and veggies for an easy meal.

Pick a day or two to meal prep 

Preparing is the best way to save time in the long run. Dedicating some time on the weekend and then maybe an hour or so midweek to do a little meal prep can go a long ways. A lot of our clients like to throw on some good tunes and get in a flow state while they do their weekend meal prep. Consider batch cooking two proteins and one to two carb sources for the week. Chicken shredded in the crockpot, ground beef and rice for example. Or make a one dish meal like chili. 

This can be a hands off process too. Instant Pot or crockpot shredded chicken (here’s an easy recipe: jar of your fav salsa and a package of chicken breast in the crockpot on low for 4 hours… salsa chicken for the week!) , rice cooker for the rice… you get the idea. Portion these cooked ingredients into individual containers, making it easy to assemble balanced meals throughout the week. This approach ensures you always have healthy options ready to go, saving time on daily meal preparation. 


You can save so much time with microwave meals. And we don't’ mean Stouffers or Lean Cuisines . My favorite microwave meal:

Cut baby gold potatoes in half, add a little water and microwave for ~5 minutes. While the microwave is going, portion out your pre cooked chicken and frozen veggies. And some olive oil or avocado and then when the potatoes are done, rinse them in cool water and add to your plate. Salt and pepper and any other herbs you like and voila. 6 minutes TOPS. 

Perhaps not "ideal" but it tastes good and not all your meals need to be "the best meal of your life." Air fryers also come in handy for quick meals.

No cook meals 

Girl dinner is what the cool kids are calling them? If you do this, just think protein, veg/fruit, healthy fat and fiber for your formula:

  • Grilled chicken + Baby carrots + Cherry Tomatoes + Hummus 

  • Hard Boiled Eggs + Dave’s Killer Bread + Avocado + Fruit 

  • Canned Tuna + Cheese + Wrap + Spinach  

Protein shakes and overnight oats are some other no cook options that you can make the night before for high protein meals/snacks. 

Speaking of protein, pre and post workout meals don’t need to be fancy. A protein shake with a banana could be an easy option for an early morning pre workout meal that you can prep in two minutes tops. 

Navigating barriers like time are a huge part of coaching. If you ever have questions, need personalized guidance, or simply want to chat about your progress, reach out to get started!


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